Providing solutions for your packaging and mailing needs.

We offer a wide range of inks for virtually any material, from newsprint to glossy paper, even aqueous and UV coated materials!

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VQDI - 45A Cartridge

Fast dry ink ideal for a wide variety of porous and glossy material. Excellent "anti-glazing" formula!

With many fast dry inks, when you stop production for even a few seconds, the first piece through after re-start looks terrible. Our VQDI ink solves this problem. With long de-cap times VQDI offers consistently better print quality from start to finish!

HP Versatile - 45A Cartridge

Most popular mailing industry ink. Fast drying on most glossy stocks.
Exceptional print quality

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Monet Ink for Buskro Atlas Printheads

Get the most out of your Buskro Atlas system with
our Monet ink.

Spot Color Cartridges - 45A

Fast drying ink available in red, green and blue

We are an authorized dealer for Collins Ink.

Offering a wide array of ink formulas including:

CM 290 - Very dark, fast dry ink for porous stock.
Max 2 - Water/solvent ink for aqueous and more.
CM-557H - Fast dry for glossy, anti-glazing.
Bear - Solvent ink for UV, plastics and more.